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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Upcoming September Class

Hi Stampers ,
Today I wanted to share with you an origanal idea I had to pair the Sheltering Tree stamp and Guy Greetings sets with the tunnel card design .
I was driving out to see a client who lives beside a local lake , some may have heard of it , Kangaroo Lake , and as I drove along the road where the jacaranda trees framed the road i I thought how cool it'd be to design a card using this idea . Of course the jacarandas are not in bloom at this moment so I just imagined how they'd look if they were .
This card will be one of three created at my next card class in September 6 th so if you'd like to create it along with me contact me for details . There are vacancies in both the 10 am and 1 pm sessions at the moment but I ask for an RSVP 10 days before the class. The other cards will use the Northern Lights technique and we will also create a pop out swing card with this same set.
Here is my card I hope you like it as much as I do 

Here is another I created using Watercolor Wings

I'm not feeling the best today . Have lost my voice and am suffering from a virus of some description but I really want to create another tunnel card today so if I feel well enough to pull it together I'll post it later on this afternoon .
Here is a sneak peak of next month's cards 

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