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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Sheltering Tree 
Nine lovely ladies joined me today to create 3 different cards using the Sheltering Tree stamp set.
The first card was rather labour intensive and some of the comments were amusing ! Oh we've still to stamp the front of the card as well  
An avenue of trees was created for the car to drive through , then I showed how to score the cardstock to create the tunnel effect and the base of the card was then stamped and lastly the card front. 

Everyone said what a cool idea it was to stamp the cobblestone road using the tree top stamp ! 
A bit of masking and the road and grass along the roadside was created .

The next card was copied straight from Pinterest using  the awesome tutorial by
It is such a cute card and so easy to create .

The last card - last because I didn't want inky fingers on the other two cards ! This one is the NorthernLights  technique and every card turned out differently ! They all looked fantastic ! I followed Debbie Hendersons tutorial on Pinterest but I used the Sheltering Tree stamp set .
My groups were very impressed with the cards they created today .

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